September 2017

Robotic Teacher in Dubai Classrooms

Source: Khaleej Times

Robotic teachers will soon be a popular feature found rolling into in classrooms across Dubai. Assistant teacher robots to will be introduced following the 5th Arab Robotics Conference taking place on October 3rd. Experts and speakers from around the world will discuss and explore new ways which robots and artificial intelligence can be implemented into various sectors of society, including primary and secondary education.

Atlab is a tech focused educational resource company that has been working side by side with the Ministry of Education for the past 5 years with an aim to make robotic teachers a reality for classrooms in Dubai. As of now, three schools are slated to deploy the TeachAssist robots in kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms to augment the class curriculum.

The robots are programmed to help students with engagement skills and social behavior. Apart from assisting students, the robots can also help teachers in assessing and grading their students performance. "Once we create a student profile and load it into the robot, it will automatically register his/her details. The teacher can then assign the student certain tasks that the robot will support. The robot will then provide a report of the student's performance to the teacher," said Sinthil Kugan, director of Atlab.

The company is continuing their work on the TeachAssist robots and aims to create advanced versions that will report on children’s weaknesses and track their progress throughout the school year. Atlab also has plans to introduce a robot that will facilitate teaching a student at home if they are on sick leave and not able to attend school.

By implementing robots in schools Dubai can emerge as a leader in artificial intelligence and innovating both teaching and learning techniques.

Khaleej Times